Graphic Design

Yohji Yamamoto - Y3

The idea was to create a campaign that would both appeal to youth and promote  Japanese culture. It was sponsored by an high end sports brand.

The image was based off an original photograph by Nic Knight for a Yohji Yamamoto collection in the 80s that became an iconic image in fashion. The image symbolise both the masculine and feminine and portrays the idea of the "silent warrior" or "quiet sportsman" terms that were coined within the brain storming and ideation cycle of this campaign.

The campaign was for a design agency based in Tokyo and the ideas were well received and it was a fun and challenging experience.

Lego - Charity Campaign

This was a charity campaign organised by a youth charity sponsored by  both Catherine Zeta Jones and Lego. The campaign was commissioned by an third-party agency for Lego. The brief was to develop a creative idea to support a presentation by Ms Jones in relation to the subject of youth and  mental health.

The lego bricks represent the complex issue of mental health and it's parallel to both the stars own experiences and the complications of rebuilding ones life. The campaign was put together as both advertorial, digital and print components.

Vertu - Concept & Packaging Design

The idea was to create a concept mobile phone celebrating 25 years of the release of the Thriller album. The development was done alongside a third-party agency working for Vertu who provide luxury mobile phones to a high end market such that this campaign would need to appeal to this niche target audience. 

The phone itself is made with premium grade steel ,gold and precious metals the phone is based on the iconic thriller jacket worn my Michael Jackson in the video of 1983. Once the concept phone had been designed a packaging concept was created to house each phone and give each one a unique branded experience.

How to cut hair - Stationery

The brief was to create a sub brand for Lee Stafford's hair salon  venture to allow hairdressing students to gain access to digital videos online. The brand needed to be fresh and vibrant and have a nod to the Staffords primary brand.

The Logo and stationery were created to envelope the idea of hair as not only an organic material but one that grew in different directions similar to the path of education. The circular patterns also reinforced the idea of hair, time and length both synonymous  with hairdressing.

Gunshot Records - Stationery

The ideas here was to create an urban identity for  a Los Angeles based recording studio. The engagement detailed creating a brand that was edgy, easily recognisable and parallel the artists that worked with company.

The music genre was Hip Hop, R& B and Soul and the idea was represent the logo as a bold gesture that would easily work across different mediums and a clothing line.

Shareprice - Advertorial Campaign

The campaign was for Interactive Investor a retail stockbroker based in the UK. The product sits within a suite of products owned and developed in house. This advertorial was to launch a campaign for a new mobile application that would allow a user to trade without being tied to a computer or location.

This advertorial was mainly digital assets and a print advert for a magazine. A few ideas were put forward but the team agreed that this one carried weight in allowing a user to have the idea that you could literally trade anywhere with the Shareprice mobile application available on both IOS and Android.

Moneywise - Digital Banner Campaign

The campaign was to develop a creative based around aggressive and defensive investment trading. The ideas was to develop structured advertorials utilising both Print and Digital platforms.

Interactive Investor - Advertorial Campaign

The brief was to create a print based advertorial around increasing mobile use among investors and regular traders. The creative was developed around using the London Skyline as a technological map to promote the mobile landscape and visibility that surrounds our trading and investment community.

Lex Van Dam: Trading Guru - Advertorial Campaign

The  campaign involved developing a creative based around Television Trader Lex Van Dam.  He had coined himself a moniker of Lex Van Dam the Million Dollar Trader this led to the idea of a creative that leveraged ideas from the vintage Six Million Dollar Man TV Show.

Lex Van Dam: Trading Guru - Advertorial Campaign

Another  campaign developing a  creative for Television Trader Lex Van Dam. This idea was based around the legendary fight poster that promoted one of Muhammed Ali's greatest fights.

Interactive Investor - Advertorial Campaign

The brief was to create a print based advertorial around increasing awareness of financial control among investors and regular traders. The creative was developed around using personas that were studied to develop character that mirrored the companies client base.

The Market Maestro - Advertorial Campaign

The brief was to create a print based advertorial around a partnership program with a well respected trader who was well known in the industry and had a dominant and successful career. The advertorial was based around Mario Puzo's Godfather trilogy.

Interactive Investor - Rebranding Campaign

The project was to align the logo with the current rebranding strategy that was taking place within the firm. The objective was to move the logo closer to be identified as a  Stock Broking service provider.

The logo identity was based on pillars for security and the inversion represented a candlestick commonly associated with trading.