UX & UI Design

Barclays- Margin FX Platform

Projects included but was not limited  to updating the User Experience on Barclays  then current Margin FX Platform. The users experience was dated and complex and after initial user feedback and due diligence a proposal was put forward.  

Algomi - Bond Trading Platform 

The project was to create " Gamification" for the Bond Trading Market. To introduce a platform that would be groundbreaking in both look and feel and functionality. The screens here describe an evolution of the product as a whole and was a collaborative exercise working with Product Owners/Stakeholders, Technical Business Analyst and Developers. 

The ideas came to fruition using design thinking principles to achieve an agile and client focused product that would be the flagship product of the company.  The hexagonal shapes were part of the "Honeycomb" ideas and branding which worked in parallel with the users way of working within the Bond Trading Market.

The product was well received by the industry and won several awards including interest from Bloomberg and other Bond Platform providers.